Wednesday, January 12, 2005

the Moment for you've all been waiting about

Furthermore, my finals pretty much were unto me as baby wipes are unto a thoughtful mother with a recently poop-ed baby: they have no say regarding the manner in which they are to be used.

"I believe it was Saint Augustine who put it best." - Two Guns

"He who quotes himself often is often himself quoted." - anonymous

"That wasn't funny." - Loser24

Well, basically, as you can by now well see, I have nothing to say at the moment, but hopefully this entry will stop the steady stream of emails I have been deleteing [which were] demanding another one of these things that I am doing right now. (let me know how that last one goes over, I think I might be trying too hard, that is, not trying hard enough)

And in conclusion, however, I am done for now.