Monday, September 10, 2007

More Like, Silver Full of Its

They say you can only kill a werewolf with a silver bullet, but that’s ridiculous. If you shot one with say, 28,000 bullets of the non-silver variety, wouldn’t a werewolf at least bleed to death? Has anyone ever tried explosives on a werewolf? I mean, have explosives really been ruled out? How about poison? If you locked up a werewolf without food or water for a year, wouldn’t it starve to death at some point? Couldn’t you strangle a werewolf? Couldn’t you cut off a werewolf’s head?

It’s one thing to have a weakness against silver bullets—that I can believe—but to be otherwise invincible is absolutely preposterous. If a meteor the size of Vermont collided with Earth on the night of a full moon and happened to land directly on a werewolf, am I really expected to believe that the werewolf would swim up out of the magma-filled crater and die only the next morning when it transformed back into a human and choked to death on the ashes of a dead world? Come on, let’s get serious.